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The Most Advanced Bathroom Pod In The World


Dynamic Pods

Dynamic pods are leading the way in bathroom pod innovation.  With decades of manufacturing and industry experience, we have developed a highly customisable bathroom pod integrating with a unique a cast-in lid (Patent Protected).

Our unique “No-Rebate No-Threshold” design enables our pods to be used in every application and requires less onsite pre-work than traditional pods.

Dynamic pods deliver quality products while continually meeting, over and above, customer expectations.

Bathroom Pods are fast, efficient and cost effective. With our state of the art installation system, Dynamic pods reduce onsite costs, cut project times, deliver superior quality and profitability for your project.



We 3D model every design and then full-scale prototype to ensure buildability and design intent is maintained.

  • Multi residential
  • Mid/High Rise
  • Town-house and large scale domestic
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals/Healthcare
  • Student Accommodation
  • Aged Care
  • No minimum order

Intelligent Engineering

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Design & Planning
Dynamic Pods provide a 3D modelling service to optimize the design of your bathrooms during the early stages of architectural design. Project teams will meet with us, establishing design, scheduling, manufacture, delivery and then completion. Paying special attention to economies of scale, working towards your project profit outcomes.
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Design Freedom
Dynamic pods are extremely flexible with floor layouts, enabling the integration of service rises, kitchenettes, laundries, wardrobes, linen closets and even angled walls. Dynamic Pods give you the freedom to design bespoke high-end bathrooms, medical grade health care facilities, student accommodation, and myriad other styles of pod.
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Onsite time and labour are significantly reduced when Dynamic Pods are a part of your project. A bathroom, including waste plumbing, electrical and mechanical services can be connected on site in less than one man-hour. The manufacturing process optimises all facets of your bathroom, reducing wastage, material over orders, and time to completion.
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We tailor the supply chain to suit your exacting requirements. Offering a fully integrated supply package or utilising your existing material procurement teams to leverage your existing buying power or relationships.
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Together we construct a time line following your critical path to maximise speed and control during the manufacturing process. Dynamic Pods quality is assured from its manufacture of bathroom pods in a controlled offsite factory environment. This controlled environment delivers consistent and defect free bathroom pods. .
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Dynamic Pods teams works with yours to consider the requirements of site accessibility, installation and a seamless transition from factory floor to connection.